Steel rule of stable production!

Stellberg Company can be designer for your company in area of food - and petrochemical industries.
Work on integrated design includes:
1. Pre-work:
- service for the collection of baseline data for the design, examination and evaluation of the industrial site;
- the development of the proposals for new constructions;
- Issuance of preliminary specifications for expenditure projected production (gas, water, steam, electricity, sewage);
- Development of technical project.
2. Technical feasibility study.
3. Project documentation:
- Technological solutions;
- Architectural solutions;
- Space-planning decisions;
- Engineering Systems and others.
4. Working documents - agreed with the customer, depending on the granularity of solutions contained in the project documentation and determined by the contract. Design makes the whole project more visible, increases the transparency of the work and helps avoid costly mistakes during the construction already in the initial stage.
The advantages of designing with our company:
- Quality
- Reasonable price
- Efficient execution services.
Our staff is a team of qualified professionals with extensive experience. We are always ready to offer you the best technical solution for the tasks, taking into account the requirements of state standards.